100% waterproof & breathable socks, gloves and hats, ideal for winter cycling. 

DexShell make superb waterproof accessories for extremities. Their socks are soft, stretchy, comfortable and 100% waterproof and breathable. Hats and gloves feature the same 3 layer bonded technology, using the Porrelle Dry membrane.

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Warmth Rating Name Best For:
DexShell Ultralite Sock 1 UltraLite Spring & Summer months where cold wind and damp ground will cool your feet. They are low cut and breathable, for faster moving sports. 
DexShell Bamboo Sock 2

Bamboo UltraLite



Year round use, higher on the calf, or a knee height model for when there is a lot of water, or you might be wading. Our favourite for Mountain Biking and Mountain Running. Stripes are cool, as is the natural fibre lining. 
DexShell Coolvent Sock 3 CoolVent Great for Trekking and Cycling this is the most versatile sock. It has a CoolMax lining to aid the wicking of sweat, so works better in hiking boots, especially with its mid calf height. 
DexShell Thermlite Sock 4 ThermLite A thin Merino wool lining gives more warmth without adding too much bulk. Better for hiking boots and running shoes, than cycling shoes.
DexShell Wading Sock 5




These feature a thick terry looped lining for maximum insulation. The Hytherm are Merino wool, and mid calf length. The Wading Socks are Acrylic lined and knee height. The Wading Sock is our ultimate go to solution for warm feet on wet, cold days. The knee height is awesome at preventing water running down the leg and into the sock, especially when cycling full speed through deep puddles!