Supacaz - Super Sticky Kush Handlebar Tape - Galaxy

A high performance bar tape chosen by World Champions and Gold Medalists!
With 2 layers of material, Super Sticky Kush is the comfiest, tackiest bar tape around.
The middle layer is an exclusive compound offering a 'Kushy' feel using minimal foam. This helps to enhance shock absorbent allowing for smoother bike handling when it gets rough.
The super sticky top layer is made of an advanced polyurethane that remains tacky even on wet lakeland days out.
The embossment on the top helps increase the overall thisckness of the tape, as well as making your bike stand out from the crown.
We love this bar tape due to its high performance quality and great appearance!

1 Set includes:

  • 2-Super Sticky Kush tape rolls
  • 2- Aluminum Laser Etched Powder Coated Star Plugz
  • 2- High End Rubberized Finish Tapes

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