Group Learning - Pedal with efficient style & cadence

If you are starting to question if you are really putting your energy to best use in your pedaling style, this 1 hour session will start to answer that doubt. 

The modern way of pedalling is moving to a faster cadence from sound science, and strong professional results. Cadence is only one element to becoming more efficient, and must be matched with smooth application of force through the pedals. 

This course is best done if you are happy with your bike fit, and can already sustain a still upper body when pedaling hard. We will be ironing out the peaks and troughs in your application of force, and work on smoothly adjusting your cadence as we adapt to inclines, and gear shifts.  

We focus on maintaining constant velocity at the crank spindle, and engaging the large muscle groups for more of the pedal stroke. 

This session is for a maximum of 5 people, and will be reasonably energetic. We will be using our gears and analysing data on screens as we ride. 

We don't cover Left/Right balance in this session. This marginal gain is something we offer in private coaching using the Garmin Cycling Dynamics and Vector 2 Pedal system. 

This coached session is not included under the membership offer.